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Sales Manager (Sample)

1. Make annual and quarterly market plans, including product promotion strategies and brand building strategies.
2. Be responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating consumer promotion, channel promotion and other forms of brand promotion to improve sales volume and brand awareness.
3. Responsible for all kinds of market input, such as advertising, approval and implementation of counter. Responsible for budget control and adjustment.
4. Manage the marketing team, and train and guide the members of the marketing department and the employees of relevant departments. Responsible for evaluating and motivating team members.
1, 18-30 years old, cheerful personality, love sales, have a certain team spirit, veterans are preferred
2. Unlimited educational background and experience. Majors in marketing, business administration and other related fields are preferred.
3. Not satisfied with the status quo, want to challenge high salary, through efforts to achieve self-worth
4. Don't disturb those with mixed base salary. The platform given by the company will be as big as their abilities.